Our mission is to give HOPE to Haitian children through education.

We believe that education benefits all children by helping them become better thinkers, better citizens and ultimately better parents. Education is the key to development in any society, and especially in a struggling country like Haiti. We are committed to help by increasing student enrollment in school as well as the overall quality of education; to accomplish this goal, each child of school age is matched with a family that contributes on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis towards the tuition of the child of their choice.

Nutrition is an important part of absorbing all that is taught in school. It is our vision to educate the families of the village about the importance of serving balance meals as well as helping families of sponsored children with food supplements.

Culturally, the people of Haiti have lived generation to generation the same. Providing guidance through our CNH program in various areas of day to day life will make a difference. Programs teaching about sanitation, medical self-help, sewing as well as technical classes such as mechanics and agriculture will help the people experience a more productive life.